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Shinshokan Schedule

We've entered the month of November, and Japan has become completely cold. Everyone, how are you?

Now then, there are a few things to announce from Shinshokan, which is publishing Otodama.

First of all, the comic. Otodama Vol.3 will go on sale in late November. That's the Japanese version, so it will take some time before the translated version is released, but please read it when it comes out! Before the book goes on sale, let me introduce the color illustration.

Next, the Fall Issue of Novel Wings (Shousetsu Wings) goes on sale on November 10. I made a guest appearance in the interview essay "The Place Where Love Is Born" by BL writer Shion Miura. Miura-sensei's essay made me realize a lot of things about myself, so it was a lot of fun. However, even more fun than that was doing the opening illustration for the essay. I drew an illustration with a slightly different hair color from my usual works, so look forward to that too.

And then a new magazine called Chéri+! (On sale late January 2011)
It will have a spinoff of Otodama, but instead of Kaname, I plan to make the main character Hide's older brother Yasuhiro Nagatsuma. It's a BL magazine, so... There's a "Don't miss it!!" kind of feeling. I've also been given the responsibility of doing the cover illustration and color preface for this inaugural issue.

At this pace I'm going to have a crazy schedule, so I'm filled with fear, but I'll stand firm and do my best!

Until next time!