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Sharing comfort

Sorry again for the long gap since my last message.
For better or for worse, when I'm working, the days continue without change, and before I know it, a long time has passed.

Lately, there have been fewer aftershocks that can be felt.
I've also gotten used to the energy conservation and other things, so those have completely become part of everyday life.

Regarding work, this month I had work for two magazines piled up, but I handled those according to plan, so it seems that they will meet the release date with no problems.

For the cover illustration of Honey, it was a request from the editorial department, but it's been a long time (maybe?) since I've drawn an illustration so straightforward to the theme. To be honest, drawing it was very embarrassing.
But after completing it and thinking about it later, for a theme I don't usually choose, I enjoyed it... I think. (laugh)
In the editorial department, it seems that there have been a lot of voices saying "I want to read a manga with these three." But after I replied, "If I draw it, then please give me twice as much time as normal," those voices have disappeared. (laugh)
Drawing such gorgeous things like jewelry is fun, so it tends to take a lot of time.

Well, after finishing this month's work like that, I went on a little trip.
On my trip, I tried going into an aquarium, and I was surprised to enjoy it more than I expected.
It was designed very beautifully, and it overturned the image I had of aquariums up until now.
When I get tired, I dream of floating gently on the ocean, so to me it was an extremely comforting space. I want to go there again.
I took some pictures, so I can share that comfort with all of you.