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An autumnlike sun has arrived

It's been a while. The autumnlike sun has finally arrived, and my body has also calmed down.
Between now and winter, I only hope that the peaceful days continue.

Sorry again for such a long gap between my messages. Since the last one, I've been swamped with work,
so this time I thought I'd take a look back at each of the works I was drawing.

b-BOY HONEY - "Kiss Ariki"

Because of Honey's crazy special theme, "Kiss Ariki" had to be skipped for one issue, but in the meantime I was still writing outside of Honey. I squeezed a 9-page short story into "b-boy Cube." Storywise, I wrote it so that you'd understand what happened even if you skipped it, but if you want to read it in detail, please do.

Also, I wrote a cute short story for the booklet that Libre published for the Animate Girls Festival 2011. This one has no connection to the main story, and it should be included in the comics edition, so don't worry.

b-BOY HONEY - "Daiichiji Sangyo Special"

This was the crazy special theme I mentioned. Naturally, I had to wave the white flag... (cries)

Though, it might not have been impossible even for "Kiss Ariki."

But rather than forcing myself, I tried to positively write something I wouldn't usually write, and "Platinum Pasta" was used in the magazine.

When I tried thinking of what I wouldn't usually write, I surprisingly realized I haven't done an "uke who's reluctant to have sex"... so I wrote with that in mind. One way or another, I ended up pleased with the uke. (laughs with tears)

I was able to draw muscular characters that I always leave out of my works and a graceful and beautiful uke, and the result was very enjoyable! These characters are creations that I can think, "If I had a chance, I'd love to draw them again somewhere ♪".

cheri+ "Spiritual Police"

After finishing writing the 3rd chapter, I felt that I finally reached the part that I really want to write. The big brother is the kind of full-throttle sadistic-hearted character that I haven't written in a long time. In "Otodama," there were parts that made you wonder "Why is he like that?", and this time I want to write without leaving anything out, so I have to ask the big brother to be patient for a while! Nagatsuma is a man with the heart of a baby bird and the sensuality of a widow, so please enjoy! (laughs)

Right now, while I'm writing this, I'm squeezing in a little break, but I'll soon be in a raging storm again until next spring. It also seems that I might be able to write the Arabian story I mentioned long ago. (I think?) Other than that, I might have some happy news to share soon. Well, until then... I'll be working hard! (laughs)