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Drama CD Release Announcement!

In my message the other day, I mentioned some "happy news," and the day that I can announce it has finally come! The release of the "Haru wo Daiteita 9" drama CD has been decided!

To be honest, because of all the trouble that happened with the 8th CD, I gave up and thought it was natural that it wouldn't continue. So when I was told, "We want to make the continuation," I was very surprised. No matter how much I thank Entame Think Tank, I feel it will never be enough. I truly, truly thank them.

Volume 10, the one being recorded for the CD, is one that I personally am strongly attached to. While I was writing it, I caught a glimpse of Iwaki and Kato's voice actors' attitude toward their work, and I drew many scenes that were inspired by that. I had been eagerly awaiting to be able to hear those parts. To have that wish granted is truly like a dream.

I also get to write something new for it. It's been a long time since I've typed the names "Iwaki" and "Kato" on my keyboard. Even though their words are my own writing, even the smallest line reminds me of how different it is to get into them, compared to my other characters. But that's only natural. I've been with them for the past 10 years.

All of my current characters are cute, and I feel happiness being able to lightheartedly draw new works right now. But to me, "HaruDaki" is something that can't be measured on the same scale. Knowing that there are readers who also feel that "HaruDaki" can't be measured on the same scale, and hearing their feedback even to this day, I strongly feel grateful to my bones. To those readers, I hope the voices of Iwaki and Kato kindly reach you.