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This is Youka Nitta, the one who finished preparing for the March release of "Kiss Ariki Vol.1," let her guard down, became sick, and is now going "boo-hoo" because her long-awaited time off has gone to waste...
Everyone, have you been doing well?

Well, this website can now be viewed in Japanese! The website was intended for overseas fans... so when Japanese readers reservedly sent me messages by e-mail, I felt sad that they had no place to talk with each other in Japanese, but now my wish has been granted. From now on, I look forward to your thoughts.v (v-sign)

Here's a little information that isn't in the schedule.
Regarding the "Kiss Ariki Vol.1" that I mentioned at the start of this message, Toranoana will be giving out illustration cards as part of a sales campaign. To those of you who live near a Toranoana store, please go!

Also, although it won't be on sale for a while, I've been given the opportunity to draw the cover illustration for the early summer issue of "Shosetsu (Novel) Hanamaru." It's a summery drawing of a guy frolicking in the water. While I was drawing it, I really began wanting to go to the beach! (Even though at the time, there was snow outside my window...)

Lastly, I would like to apologize. In early February, the host for my website suddenly closed, and everything up until that point disappeared. A backup was taken last October, so that data was recovered, but it seems difficult to recover the data after that. You took the trouble to register and write in the forum, so I'm truly very sorry from the bottom of my heart. Don't be discouraged, and please continue visiting All About Youka Nitta.