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Nitta Youka's updated schedule!
Cannot wait to see hoooooot love by cool guys Nitta Youka creates!!!


PINK GOLD 4 (18+) (April 28)
※PINK GOLD details here⇒ http://x-bl.jp/

BE・BOY GOLD June Issue (April 28)
※Haru wo Daiteita series "Tender Green" will start in GOLD!!

KICHIKU R-18 Nyoudou Seme (18+) (early June)

BE・BOY GOLD August Issue (June 28)

SBBC "Kiss Ariki" Vol.3 (July 10)

BE・BOY GOLD October Issue (August 28)

b-BOY Do-S Premier Issue (late September)
※Cover illustration and story manga for the Premier Issue!!

BE・BOY GOLD February Issue (December 27)