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Sorry for no news lately.

I’ve been getting better since around the beginning of this year and these days I feel energetic enough to do something.
Sorry for no news lately. I’m Youka Nitta.

HARUDAKI ALIVE 4 will be released next month. This time Platinum Pasta, which I’ve been drawing bit by bit for about 6 years, will be released at the same time!
Now the cover art is released and you may be surprised when you find that Iwaki is alone. Until now, at the rough sketching stage, I intended to draw a single character on the cover several times and got rejected, but this time I got the green light. For Katou fans, please forgive me this time and wait for the next volume!

I’ve drawn Platinum Pasta merely for 6 years but HARUDAKI has been running for 20 years.
Hmm…, it’s quite impressive to think of a kid, who was born in the year when HARUDAKI started, turning into an adult, but at the same time…no, I wouldn’t dare to say everything. Anyway, I’m so thankful for being able to run one series this long. And many thanks to the readers, editors and my assistant Adachi for the everlasting support.

At last. I finally started Twitter (@saruboboko). I had been reluctant to speak for the past few years but as my condition gets better, so does my feeling and I enjoy communicating with readers on Twitter! I’ve just started so it’s not content-rich yet but please take a look at my account if you like!

Youka Nitta