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Sorry it's been so long since my last update.
In the meantime, I've drawn various works, so I'd like to touch on those and tell you about my current situation.

First of all, "HaruDaki."
Thank you for the huge amount of support and feedback! Of course there's been a lot from within Japan, but there's also been a lot of messages from fans overseas.

When I read each one, I reflect on how happy I am to have started again. Truly, thank you very much! But when reading the feedback... I think the thing that I saw the most was a nuance of "Instead of Sawa, I wanted to see lots and lots of Iwaki and Kato" (laughs) Of course.

I also thought the same thing, but when I was deciding the plot, Sawa kept popping into my head. "HaruDaki" all started with Sawa, so it made sense to me that he (she?) should appear when it restarted. When I consulted with my editor, she firmly responded, "I want you to write as you wish." And so, "Love Tanker" was born. Sorry for choosing Sawa... (laughs)

But personally, I'm satisfied. Before the end of the year, I'll have another opportunity to write "HaruDaki," and this time I want to go the lovey-dovey route. Please wait for it!

Next, the launch of "b-BOY KICHIKU," and the "Arabian Special." Because of the special themes, I chose not to force my series to fit them and wrote "Platinum Pasta," and after that the Arabian story didn't finish. "Kiss Ariki" has ended up taking a long break. (bitter laugh)

For now, the Arabian story will be completed in the "Omorashi Special," so I'll do "Kiss Ariki" in the next "Kichiku" after that. (However, there are some loose ends in the Arabian story, so I may write more of it again somewhere ;)

I thought I wouldn't be into Arabian stories, but I couldn't help getting excited over those costumes (laughs)
I think I'd like to draw another period piece someday.

Finally, an announcement that I didn't want to make.
I've been suffering from an eye condition for a while, and it's come to the point where surgery is necessary, so I will be taking a break from next month's issue of "cheri+".
I had hoped to time it to avoid causing concern as much as possible, but since I will be taking a break, I felt it was necessary to inform all of you. Currently, there are no changes in my schedule after that.

From now on, I'll be aiming to push forward with my work without any illness, so please pray for the success of my surgery!