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A successful operation

I apologize for surprising you with a sudden announcement last month.
My surgery was completed successfully, and now I feel happy to be regaining my vision.
Thank you to everyone who worried for me and supported me, and I deeply apologize to those for whom I caused problems.

This past month has been full of various emotions and contemplation,
like being taken aback at myself for bringing my work camera with me even though I was being hospitalized,
or realizing because of that that my spirit hadn't yet broken and instead feeling that everything was fine.
Then when I lost my eyesight, I thought, "I'll just give up and continue working like this with only one eye!"
But after the surgery finished and my eyesight faintly returned, I instead wondered whether I would be able to properly see again,
and I felt like I would be crushed by anxiety.
Various things like that.
I can even nonchalantly think about how these emotions will be incorporated somewhere in my works. (laughs)

I'm always full of gratitude, but now the warm support of those around me has really sinked into my body and soul.
I am truly thankful. Because of them I've also been able to get plenty of rest after leaving the hospital,
and I can once again do my best from now on! Please cheer me on!