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"Kiss Ariki" Vol.3 out on 7/10!

"Kiss Ariki" Vol.3 will be published on 7/10!

This series will come to a close with this volume. But with a type of protagonist that I had never written before, and lots of scummy old men, writing it was so much fun every time! My affection for them will never end, and I still want to write about them, but for now I ended the story here. If I get another chance, I want to write about them again!

Because I've been writing pieces here and there for various anthologies, I have some series that can't be collected into full volumes yet. I'll be gradually taking care of those, so please look out for them!

Now then, this message is about the "Kiss Ariki" volume, so I thought I'd answer some questions I received about the series!

About "Otoko Benten Enbunroku" that I wrote for "PINK GOLD," I received a question asking whether this was a story about Tohru's ancestors. The answer is "yes." (laugh)

The setting is similar to a backstory, and I wrote it hoping that those who noticed the connection would enjoy it. The motivation behind this story was when my editor read the episode where Tohru was called a "real-life goddess," and she said, "I want to see a real-life goddess!" But I recently learned that my editor doesn't remember at all that she said that.

I was extremely disappointed (laugh), so I'm glad that the readers noticed the connection!

There was also a question about the English title "Starting with a Kiss."

"Ariki" was translated as "Starting," so I was asked whether the Greek word "αρχή" (the beginning) and the Japanese word "ariki" have the same pronunciation and meaning. I wrote the title with the meaning "(at the start) there was a kiss," which is why I think the loose translation became "Starting with a Kiss." Strictly speaking, I think the Japanese "ariki" and the Greek "αρχή" are different. But I felt it was really interesting that with the loose translation, it ended up having the same sound and similar nuance as a foreign word!

To answer the questions this time, I took another look at the foreign editions, and in some other languages the title is kept as "Kiss Ariki." It really stirs my interest when I think of how an unchanged Japanese title would be perceived!

With the published volume, the feedback I receive will give me sustenance for my next work, so I'll be happy to hear your thoughts again! See you later!

Youka Nitta