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The newest GOLD is out.

Just when I got rid of my markers because I no longer do color drawings in ink, I realized, "I still need them for shikishi and other things!" so I rushed off to buy some.
Hello, this is Youka Nitta.

The newest GOLD issue has been released. As part of the magazine's 20th anniversary project, for this issue and next issue I'm doing two one-shots back-to-back. With "Tender Green," there's now enough material for "ALIVE" Volume 2, and the characters have been through a lot, so before the rest of the story unfolds these will be two stories to sort out their current emotions. Please enjoy them!

I think the release of "ALIVE" Volume 2 will also be announced soon. Right now, it's being intensely edited. Even though I intended to put my all into the finishing touches, upon closer inspection some parts were rather unpolished, and it's painful to see my just-before-deadline mental disarray reflected in those (laughs)
For the book, I want to present it just as I envisioned, so please give me your support!
I'll also be simultaneously releasing a book bringing together an Arabian story. It will even include my recent octopus story (I'd like to emphasize the octopus as the lead character), so please look forward to this too!

Meanwhile, regarding the "Cheri+" that went on sale 2 days after GOLD, please note that because of my schedule it will be a short side story instead of the regular series.

This year, too, before I knew it the cherry blossom season had ended and the weather turned warm. The season makes me want to take a refreshing walk. Everyone, please take care of your health too!

Youka Nitta