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”Haru wo Daiteita ALIVE 3”

Hello, it's been a while and I'm sorry for no news recently. Every time I receive your messages worrying about my conditions, I feel sorry for not telling you good news. My condition has now stabilised compared to the past.
I will keep trying with my pace so I hope you go easy on me.

"Haru wo Daiteita ALIVE 3" will be on sale next month. Somehow it became a comic, although it took huge time and energy to fix as my condition was worst while drawing the works, and finishing wasn't very satisfactory.
As the days passed I talked to my characters like Iwaki that things wouldn't go well sometime haha.
The word 'ALIVE' which the editorial department named this series truly touches my heart.
Please enjoy the characters' troubled days.

I'm sorry for writing about my physical condition but let me tell you one more thing.
My work won't be in this month's 'Cheri Plus' although my name was included in the writers once because of miscommunication. I was supposed to come back at around that time but my condition was not very good so it will be postponed until the next issue.
I will let you know again so I hope you would give me a warm welcome when I come back.

Besides this, it would be difficult to draw without the editor and editorial department's support. And huge thanks to you readers for your reports about my work, cheering letters, praying for my health and presents of Valentine's day and birthday.

It always makes me smile and makes my heart warm thanks to your kindness meant to cheer me up!
I'm sorry for telling my appreciation in this message instead of saying thank you to each of you. I really appreciate it. I, Youka Nitta, will keep doing my best!

Youka Nitta